“The flower that smells the sweetest is shy and lowly.”

William Wordsworth
In the reflection of
Your elegance
I feel clumsy
The poet's words that flow
So easily...
Twist in the wind
Of your beauty
They freeze in my throat
And I choke on them
There are so many things
I need to say to you
But the syllables ignite
In the heat of your glow
And I am left speechless and 
Covered in their ashes


  1. “The poet’s words that flow
    So easily…
    Twist in the wind”

    So true. The words do seem to flow so easily, and they do twist in the wind so beautifully. But then it seems like it would be the reader that gets speechless and covered in the ashes of the poem’s words. The poet too? 😳😂

    In all seriousness, I love this poem. Sometimes someone really does leave us at a loss for words.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I think your comments are more poetic then the poem itself. Would it be OK if I replace the poem with your words? Your responses are always so beautifully written, and you are much too kind to my humble scribblings. Thank you!


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