Broken Now

“Only the dead have seen an end to war.”

George Santayana

In the smoking remains
Of the broken now
In the clash of past and future
Hope twinkles, out
Of words and tears
They deserve more
Than to be
Like time and love
And mercy
War was never meant for grace
And beautiful things
Should never be taken
To war


  1. I feel like I can see these words amongst the smouldering devastation, rising like ash from the rubble, and twinkling amongst the deafening sounds of the war within and the war without. I can nearly hear the clash of the past and the present ringing in my ears and the brokenness that prevails. The layers within your poem are breathtaking and the construction magnificent.

    “Hope twinkles, out
    Of words and tears”

    Punctuation and line placement is everything. I choose to read it like this:

    “hope twinkles –
    Out of words and tears….”

    Nothing twinkles ‘out’ in your words to me. Nothing is extinguished. I think that hope burns bright. I think that beautiful things will fight for what or who they believe in. That’s what makes them beautiful. This poem speaks to so many things – war, love, internal struggles, the war that our pasts wage on our present. whether people we love will stand by us, and if we are deserving of that. Quite simply, I love every line of this.

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    1. What a remarkable and remarkably poetic assessment. I feel as if these beautiful words should take the place of the poem. You touched on every theme I was hoping to convey, and the way you read the hope twinkles section was exactly as I hoped people would. Thank you for reading. Thank you for putting your time and consideration into this comment. I do hope your belief in the resilience of beautiful things is accurate. Thank you.

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      1. The words in your poem spoke to me so beautifully in a way that I felt the need to speak to them in return. And yes, in this instance, my belief in the resilience of beautiful things is unshakeable. War time or otherwise.

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  2. I love the way this sounds, ‘the broken now’
    The things I mentioned in email, still yes, and I’ll add that I’m a lover of words and I fell in love with the poeticness of this in particular.

    And I’ve decided…you’ve been depriving us (meaning me) of this side of you far more than I’ve been depriving you 😛

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    1. I’m always thrilled when you enjoy something I write. Deprivation is good for they soul I’ve been told 😉. In this case, I’m simply not as consistently poetic/artistic as you. You swim in an ocean of it, I have to wait for periodic thunderstorms🤷.

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