Sylvia Plath

“The outgoing guts to do it”… writing is an act of courage. It takes bravery to be vulnerable. To reveal yourself, both your strengths and your weakness, your beauty and your warts to the world…. and then await the judgement (or “likes” in this world). There are those works that are safe…average expressions of overdone themes…they can be good…but they ones that make me gasp are the ones were someone conquers their self-doubt and really reveals themselves and by doing so gives us a mirror to see ourselves. The act of standing naked before the world earns a clap from me regardless of the technical merits of the work. Yes, I’m referencing a 1980’s movie slow clap…and yes that give away my age. Google “1980s slow clap” if you are under 35 and need a visual…but I digress. Sylvia gets a clap…clap…clap.