Friedrich Nietzsche

Before Carl Jung, there was Friedrich Nietzsche. Many of the concepts that Jung expanded upon and brought to maturity, existed in Nietzsche’s philosophical work. In my opinion, Nietzsche accelerated the coalescence of concepts that would become the psychodynamic theory of the early 1900s. This quote illustrates Jung’s view on the concept of projection. We project our needs and wants and desires onto the “desired”. We fall in love with our projections, not truly with the person who is the screen onto which we project them. Alas, more often than not, our projections collapse under their own weight. Who can be strong enough to maintain their own identity and hold up the weight of all of our hopes and dreams, needs, and fears? Ironically, we often walk away feeling angry at this person because they weren’t “who we thought they were,” rather than accepting the fact that they weren’t who we wanted them to be.