I don’t just want your best
I want your worst
Your temper tantrums and tears
Your fears and insecurities
I want all the parts of you
You fear aren’t good enough
To show the world
I want to take your worst
In my arms and be
Your safe place
Your secret keeper
Your soft landing
Your shoulder to cry on
I want your worst because
I want to be the one
The only one
To have all of you 


  1. This reminds me, I had someone tell me I wasn’t a real person once. And that he was demanding I show him something real. It hurt my feelings, scared me because I didn’t know what to grant him and shut me up, we are no longer friends spite his apologies.

    But I did thank him somewhat recently, it took awhile but his meaning is clearer

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    1. So you are telling me the way to a woman’s heart is not to tell her she is fake? Shocking. Truly shocking. I’ll reference my Rilke post about the infinite void separating us all, some people can’t tolerate it. It scares them or infuriates them (or scares then infuriates). I suppose the point being, waging the equivalent of psychological offensive war to gain intimacy is probably not an effective approach in most cases. Also, that sounds sad. I’m sorry.

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