1. Allowing oneself to be entirely consumed by another is pretty? That very much surprises me coming from you. However, I thank you for the compliment. I realize most see haiku’s as a bit of a joke, so easy to write…I find them magically difficult to write well.

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    1. Took me awhile to find tis 😛

      first, when I said how pretty it was I wasn’t thinking of the act so much as the art here. The passion you put together in the way you did was that.

      Also, I think giving words to these feelings, the desire and inexplicable depth of emotion, the chemistry between people, the want can be tough to put into text form. It’s why we end up with metaphors and extremes or as I often will do, use opposites to portray meaning. So the way you expressed this is also pretty or beautiful really.

      And, I can barely put a haiku together to save my life, lol
      Although, hold on, I’ll link you to a thing

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