Carl Jung

Parents have lived lives prior to the arrival of their children. Those lives, like all lives, are filled with disappointment, failure, pain, confusion, and challenges. By the time the little ones come along, a parent is carrying a lot of baggage. They then set about guiding their child, in the best way they know how. Some may be good at it, some may be horrible at it, most are somewhere in between, but all are bound by the constraints of their own personal experience. They have no choice but to guide based on what they have known, or more to the point, what they think they know. They are going to direct a child to not make the same mistakes they feel they made. They are going to convey priorities that they feel either worked for them, or feel would have worked if they would have had them. The problem is, the child is not them. The child’s life is not theirs. The child’s true path, is not their path, but the child is burdened with it. The child sets out on life’s journey with someone else’s compass, and someone else’s map.