Chance Encounter

Maybe the stars aligned. Maybe it was magic. Maybe it was just two weary people who found their jagged edges matches well enough to allow them to find a reprieve from the world for a moment. Whatever alchemy kindled it, our souls merged there in that chance encounter and brought forth something completely new, that was as old as time itself. Hand in hand we walked into that instant and filled it so fully that it pushed away our individual pasts and our uncertain futures, leaving only a her… and an I… and a golden now that stretched into forever and ended in the span of a memory.

Excerpt from A String of Moments
(the book I’ll never write)


    1. Thank you. It did seem to approximate the profundity and ultimately evanescent nature of some experiences. I appreciate you taking the time to comment. I scribble for me, but have this theory that art has to be released to the wild in order to be art…it’s occasional nice to see how the little guys are doing out there in the cold dark wild.

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